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Hi! Thank you for clicking on this section.

For inquiries, you can reach out to us via email at Or join the conversation and catch the latest updates on SmartVan's Facebook Page.

If you're passionate about contributing, explore our projects on GitHub and participate in discussions or report issues on our issue tracker. We welcome new contributors and look forward to growing together!

Social and Sharing

The easiest and quickest way to contribute to the project is by following our SmartVan's Facebook Page page and sharing its content on your social networks.

It's an Open project

Similar to numerous other open-source initiatives, the insights generated by this project are shared under open licenses to enhance accessibility and utilization. The specific open-source license for each artifact (firmwares, mobile app, specifications, wiring schematics, tutorials, general documentation, etc.) depends on the type of output.

Embracing the principles of Open Software and Open Hardware, we are committed to adhering to and promoting compatible licenses, fostering collaboration and innovation within the community.

Hardware support

Just as every camper is unique, so too can each Smart Box differ. Moreover, the market offers numerous alternatives to the devices chosen for Smart Van Box prototypes.
These two factors make it impossible to support every brand/model of the devices comprising the Smart Van Box. To address this challenge, we seek assistance from the community.

For instance, if you already have a Solar Charger, but it doesn't match the specifications in the Smart Van Box model you're building, don't worry. Send us the brand, model, and communication specifications of the device (such as the type of physical port and communication protocol used). Together, we'll develop the firmware to make your solar charger compatible with the Smart Van Box. The same applies to all other devices within the Smart Van Box.

To submit your request, use the SmartVan 2.0/Collaborate/New Issue page and tag it with Hardware Generic/Feature. More information on how to report a problem or propose an idea is available in the next section.

Report a problem or Propose an idea

Actually the SmartVan project is very big and a lot of help is needed.
This is not a project related only to information technology or electronics. First of all, it is a project to simplify the life of those who love camping with their own vehicle. And therefore, it requires many soft skills.

For this reason everyone is free to recommend new features or solve problems and finally re-share with the community.

The starting point for reporting a change or suggestion is the page SmartVan 2.0/Collaborate/New Issue. On this page it is possible to open a new issue visible to the whole community. Before opening a duplicated issue, please use the filter field at the SmartVan 2.0/Collaborate/Issues. page.

Collaborate labels for categories

In order to facilitate the work of reviewing the issues, a labels category has been defined to catalog the type of suggestion. The types available are as follows:

  • MobileApp / Feature
  • MobileApp / Bug
  • Hardware Generic / Feature
  • Hardware PanelPrototype / Bug
  • Hardware BoxPrototype / Bug
  • Hardware New Model
Collaborate labels for categories

As you can guess from the categories, you can contribute with simple things (bug reports or ideas) up to even proposing your own prototypes and features.
So don't wait, start growing the SmartVan project!

Join the Smart Van Team!

Given the vast array of components that make up the Smart Van project, we are actively seeking maintainers for various project repositories. We are specifically looking for individuals with technical expertise in software development to contribute to and maintain Git repositories housing source code. Depending on the repository type and programming languages involved, different skills are required.

  • Mobile App Android: Contribute to the development of the Android mobile application.
  • Mobile App iOS: We're actively seeking someone with iOS development experience to take charge of this application. Until then, it will remain in the 'proposal' stage.
  • Firmware Raspberry Pi: Maintain and enhance Python-based firmware for accessing the Raspberry Pi's status and executing remote commands.
  • Firmware Modules: Manage firmware dedicated to communicating with more complex modules, such as modems or Bluetooth devices.
  • Firmware Sensors and Actuators: Integrate new sensors and actuators, and maintain existing firmware.

Firmware are developed in Python and shares the communication section towards DBus. DBus is the protocol used to communicate with the JOD Smart Van object's agent.
On the other side, repositories that contain the mobile apps are projects for their respective operating systems.