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Smart Van's Software

After the hardware, the second component that constitutes the Smart Van solution is the software. Like every IoT solution, Smart Van also has software for the object, the JOD Smart Van known as the object's agent; and then, the user's software, namely the mobile app.

SmartVan's Software diagram

The user only needs to install the SV Mobile App on their phone, after which they can connect to the Smart Van Box and enjoy all the provided functionalities.
On the other hand, when creating your own Smart Van Box, at a certain point, you need to install the object's agent JOD Smart Van directly on your hardware. Fortunately, JOD Smart Van is distributed not only including the JOD agent (the component that manages IoT functionalities) but also the individual firmwares that interact directly with the hardware. This makes the installation of hardware-specific software not only straightforward but also highly flexible and easy to customize to your needs.

If you want to customize or modify the mobile app or firmware, the SmartVan project makes all the source code repositories available. Please post your changes to help the community. Read more on the COLLABORATE page.

SV Mobile App

The Mobile App to control your Smart Van Box for Android and iOS.

Most people know how to install a smartphone app from the official stores. Just search for SmartVan in the most popular app stores and install the one you find (NB! at the moment, no app has been published yet, so you won't find the right one in the results).

If you want to install a specific version or the latest available, you can download the installation file from the download page for your smartphone and proceed with the 'install from file' procedure for your smartphone.

JOD Smart Van

The object's agent as a installable distribution JOD Smart Van or the SmartVan JOD Image an entire OS's image ready to be flashed.

The software to be loaded on the devices is called firmware. For each device assembled according to the tutorials in the Hardware section, you must load the corresponding firmware.

All the software to be installed on the object is provided and documented within these pages. Starting with the main software, the object agent JOD Smart Van, which manages the communication and other IoT aspects. Included in the object's agent distribution are the actual firmwares, the programs that communicate directly with the hardware. Typically, to have a fully operational Smart Van Box, it is sufficient to install and configure only the object agent that you can find into the Object Distribution Downloads page.

Other Sources and Repositories