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SmartVan's Documentation

Welcome to the Smart Van official documentation.

Explore the Smart Van project on these pages. Start with the list of features to see how Smart Van can help you on your road adventures. Or, for more technical users, browse the project specifications to understand how information is exchanged between the Smart Van Box and the Mobile App.

SmartVan's Features

Discover what a SmartVan can do for you. Here there's the full list of features of the Smart Van project.

SmartVan's Specifications

Understand how it works. To know how the Smart Van Box share data with the Mobile App, starts from the project's specifications.

The Software and Hardware sections provide all the details you need to update, modify, or create your own Smart Van Box. The Hardware section includes documentation for different models of Smart Van Box, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs. On the other hands, the Software section includes not only the firmware references, but also the documentation for the Smart Van Mobile App, including download links, user manuals, and source code.

SmartVan's Hardware

All Smart Van Box models, tutorials and schematics to create your own.

SmartVan's Software

Downloads and sources of all the software used by the SmartVan project

Everything is published under open source licenses.

Getting started

1. Get the Hardware

The easiest way to get started is to build one of the official prototypes. With each development cycle, a new reference prototype is released.

There are currently two prototypes under development:

For each prototype, you can find the BOM lists, wiring diagrams, case specs, and 3D models, as well as the assembly guides and installation tutorials.

2. Setup everything

Once the hardware is ready, you can install the firmware and configure the services.

You can directly downloads images to flash on the IoT devices, or get and compile the source code directly from the Git repositories.

Once all firmware has been loaded on the devices, you can mount the hardware in your camper. Follow the "Mounting instructions" for the chosen hardware. Finally, power up the box.
REMEMBER! first, connect the service battery, then the services and finally the solar panels.

Now, your Smart Van box is now active and broadcasting its own WiFi network.

3. Connect the Smart Phone

Get the mobile app from the app stores (not yet available), download it or compile from his sources.

Then, lunch the installed app and follow these steps:

  1. Tap on "Setup new Van"
  2. Login or register to the IoT platform
  3. Wait for Smart Van box WiFi scanning
  4. Connect to the Smart Box WiFi
  5. Change the Smart Box 's WiFi default password

Now you can access to the Smart Van box from your smartphone!