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Smart Van's Hardware

The first part of composing a SmartVan is the hardware. This is defined as the set of devices to be installed in the van and connected to pre-existing devices (such as batteries, solar panels and other services).

Since every camper is modeled on its owner, the hardware provided by the SmartVan project must also be modular and customizable to meet different needs. In this regard, the Smart Van project leverages the abstraction capabilities of the John OS Platform. This IoT platform segregates objects, the Smart Van Box, and services, the SV Mobile App, into two distinct entities. The object provides a set of states and actions to the service. This organizational structure is also reflected in the Smart Van project SPECIFICATIONS:

SV Box vs. SV Mobile App

Each Smart Van Box offers a series of states and actions (the SV specifications), while the SV Mobile App utilizes them to implement its own functionalities.

A Smart Van Box becomes a connected object the moment the JOD Smart Van daemon is installed and executed, serving as the object agent for the John OS Platform. This daemon is responsible for loading all the necessary firmwares and exposing states/actions to the SV Mobile App.

Smart Van Boxes

This section is organized into model pages. Within each model's page, you will find all the information necessary to assemble and connect the devices you need for your SmartVan.
Once you've identified the Smart Van Box model that best suits your needs, you can start building and customizing it to fit your camper.

Box Prototype

(Coming soon)
Another prototype, in the form of a box, ready to be added to the van to make it smart.